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original recipe dew chilli
That classic, always smooth meat and bean chilli with that warm, come back for more flavor. This secret recipe chilli has been around, unchanged, since 1909!
Small 4.75
Large 5.95
Quart 15.00
Dew classics
Dew Chilli 6 Ouncer 3.00
A Dew classic: one tamale dunked into a delicious bowl of Dew Chilli
Two tamales topped with chilli, cheese, sour cream, corn chips and sport peppers
The Triple Threat 6.95
Cheese, onions and sour cream over a bowl of Dew Chilli
The Dew-rrrrito Pie 6.95
A bowl of corn chips smothered with Dew Chilli, then topped with cheese, sour cream and onions
Dogs & More
All dogs and sandwiches served with chips
Dew Dog 4.86
A crowd pleaser! A hot dog topped with a heaping scoop of Dew Chilli
The Big Deal 6.25
A dog topped with Dew Chilli, onions, cheese, sour cream, mustard and corn chips
Chicago Dog 4.86
A hotdog topped with relish, onions, pickles, tomatoes, sport peppers and mustard, sprinkled with celery salt and served on a poppy seed bun
Keep It Simple 3.70
Simply delicious: a dog with mustard and onions
Naked Dog 3.70
Just a delicious hot dog and bun – let us help you dress it
Chicken Salad Sandwich 4.75
Served on your choice of white or wheat bread
Ham Salad Sandwich 4.75
Served on your choice of white or wheat bread
Shredded cheese, sour cream .50
Onions, lettuce, relish, ketchup, mustard, pickles, sauerkraut, jalapenos, sport peppers, tomatoes
Chips .50
Cornbread .50
Slice of Pie 2.95
Scoop of Vanilla Ice cream 2.25
sundae 3.25
Chocolate, caramel, or both with whipped cream
Cookie sundae 4.25
root beer float 3.25
World famous, hand-dipped milkshake 3.75
Flavors: chocolate or vanilla
Soda 1.95
Route 66 root beer 2.25
Milk 1.95
Beer & Wine
Please see our beverage menu
Original dew Chilli Parlor
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