1 Family Size Dew Chilli Can = 10 Scrumptious Dishes.

That's right. If you are looking to stretch the budget but have some good eats then read on.

After that put on that apron and get ready to create some memorable dishes.

To start you'll need a Family Size Dew Chilli Can.

Remember all the spices are already in the Dew. That's the secret spices and blends that have been protected for over 111 years.

The family size cans are large cans that contain the true Tavern Style Chilli. The All Meat can of Chilli can feed 8 people just by opening it up, warming it up and then serving it up.

Add Chilli beans, or Black Beans or a combination and you can easily Feed 16.

But these dishes we are about to tell you about, all offer a unique taste. Making it possible to plan your menu for the entire week. Or whenever you want to serve them up. So let's get Cooking. Ok?


Warm the Chilli in a Baking Dish.

Stir in Frozen Peas for an extra hit of veggies if you'd like.

Top with mashed potatoes.

Bake until brown and bubbly.

Dig in.

It's that simple.


Fold prepared dough circles (empanada wrappers or pie dough work great) around Chilli, crimp to seal and bake until Golden. You can top with shredded cheese, sour cream or another of your favorite toppings.

Chilli Mac N Cheese

Did you know that back in 1909 Dew Chilli made this Dish Famous. So much so other restaurant chains picked up on it and started calling it the Chili Mac. They didn't want folks to know that their Chili was actually Dew Chilli. That's alright. Thousands have enjoyed it for years.

It is very easy. Stir Chilli into your favorite mac-and-cheese recipe and serve as is, or perhaps you may want to top with some bacon bits. Yummy!


Warm up some Dew Chilli, I like to add a small can of sweet diced tomato's. Then stir in a generous dose of raisins and Green Olives to make this Cuban Classic. Serve over a bed or Rice.


This is a crowd favorite. Gently fry corn tortillas and roll them around shredded cheese before tucking into a pan, topping it off with Chilli, or Chilli with Beans as seen in the picture. Bake until the shells get a golden tent.


I love the combination of Chilli and Sunny Side up eggs. This Middle Eastern fricassee has only a few must-have ingredients: Tomatoes, chiles, onions and eggs. Combine the ingredients to taste, top with your eggs. Then serve up the dish with a crusty bread and oh my my it is oh so good.


Well since we are the egg and chilli topic let's whip up this popular dish.

Warm up some Dew Chilli and spoon over toasted English muffins before topping with poached eggs and hollandaise. Sweet potato hash alongside it would work nicely.


Bake potatoes, halve them, scoop out their filling, mash and swirl in Dew Chilli. Spoon back into the skins, top with shredded Jack Cheese, and Bake till warm and golden.


Pour Chilli into a baking dish, top with dollops of your favorite cornbread batter, and bake until golden and bubbling. Spike the batter with cheese and fresh corn to really go all out .


Add cooked rice or quinoa to the Chilli and spoon into hollowed-out peppers with a flurry of freshly grated parmesan, then bake until the peppers are soft and the filling is heated through.

Ten very different meals all of which are very good and very easy to make.

If you have some Chilli Dishes you came up with using Dew Chilli share them with us and we'll feature your dish.





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