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Data Revealed. Data Ignored. Why?

This is what many are referring to as the list.

Whatever you call it, this list blows the argument out of the water many have made. That argument? Bars and restaurants are behind the COVID-19 outbreaks and spikes. It's that argument the State and some local leaders have used to justify the targeted shutdowns of these establishments while other establishments are allowed to remain fully opened.

The list and the DATA it contains was not supposed to be seen by you or me. It was accidentally released and obtained by the Documenting COVID-19 Project at Columbia University's Brown Institute for Media Innovation, in partnership with the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting.

This information was also obtained and recently released by Springfield Leaks. Below is a link to their on line publication and Document.

This list is just some of the DATA. Despite the many requests, made by Senator Mike Murphy, Representative C.D. Davidsmey, and Senator Steve McClure, for the DATA to be released that justifies the shutdowns of Bars and Restaurants. This Secrete List or DATA makes it as to clear why it hasn't been released. Again, we were not suppose to see it.

If you remember, NBC also uncovered what has been labeled Illinois' Secret List. This investigation also confirms that Bars and Restaurants are not the source of COVID-19 outbreaks. At the time that investigative report was hitting the airwaves, the State quickly reversed it's original decision to not release the DATA by saying it would in a matter of days. Over Two-Weeks ago Governor Pritzker said the public would see the DATA in just a few days. Over Two Weeks later the State still has not released that DATA and reverted back by refusing to release it. Keep in mind this is Months after our State Senators and Representatives requested it.

This is a link to the Second NBC Investigative Report.

All of the DATA obtained shows that House Parties, Weddings, Nursing homes and Elderly Care Facilities, Prisons are to blame.

Events, like this one, many call Woodstock in a Cornfield, held in Kinkaid this past weekend may also result in higher numbers. Although no one has claimed that just yet.

While many do not deny these peoples right to have such a gatherings, bars and restaurants just don't want to get blamed for any outbreak that may come from such gatherings.

Many officials and staff sources in the City, County and State , are siding with restaurants and bars, as we saw during a peaceful rally of about 125 bar and restaurant owners, and the general public, outside Springfield City Hall. The rally called on local lawmakers to support Mayor Jim Langfelder, and his decision not to enforce the Governors latest executive order.

Staff inside the City Hall joined the rally at some point, also notifying the demonstrators that three of the Council Members drove by saw the crowd and went back to their homes to join the meeting by zoom avoiding having to walk through the rally. Avoiding having to face the same people who elected them.

The Group of Restaurant and Bar owners, once competitors, have united and developed a very impressive organization fighting for one cause. Freedom. Weekly, the organization is receiving documents and information like has been reported.

One such document sent to the group is a communication exchange involving Ward 6 Alderwoman Kristin DiCenso. In the exchange it is clear that one person writing the Alderwoman has a deep dislike for Mayor Langfelder. The exchange talks about calling for the complete shutdown of Bars and Restaurants in Springfield while using profanity towards the Mayor.

Out of respect, and as a courtesy to the Alderwoman, I reached out to her this morning to get her response to the communication that was sent to the Bar/Restaurant group.

Here is a transcript of her response. I did remove full names of others mentioned in the exchange for privacy reasons.

On Nov 10, 2020, at 10:39 AM, Mike wrote: Good Morning;  You have asked me to reach out to you when I hear something regarding you. We have been told you plan to call for an immediate shutdown of bars and dine in tonight during the committee of the whole you are chairing. Is that true?  Thank you Mike. 

------- Original Message -------- Subject: Re: Once again... From: Kristin DiCenso Date: Tue, November 10, 2020 9:48 am To: mike@ Completely false. Not even on my list of things to talk about. But thank you for reaching out to confirm.  Best, Kristin 

On Nov 10, 2020, at 10:58 AM, Mike wrote: Thank you for the quick response. Someone has released an email between you and a David B.? It was sent to me and many others and is making the rounds. You have felt I haven't been fair to you so I wanted to make sure I reached out to you. When I respond to the others I will make sure (they know) that you are not planning on that (calling for a shutdown). Again, I appreciate your quick response and  if I hear more I will reach back out to you.  Mike. 

From Kristin DiCenso:

I have not communicated privately with David B. ever. Anything you may have seen is completely fabricated. He comments on my page frequently about the his disdain for the Mayor and HIS desire to close down

bars and restaurants, but I just let him spout. 

I am not bringing up anything related to the Mayor’s Executive Order tonight and I says nothing about it last week when two others did. 

Hope that clarifies the issue for you,



On Nov 10, 2020, at 11:40 AM, mike@ wrote: Thank you. It is clear that Mr. B. does not like the Mayor in the messages. Again, I will let everyone know that you do not plan on bringing this up tonight. I do appreciate you getting back to me and I appreciate you understanding why I'm asking. It's important to many people trying to feed their kids and making a living.  Please keep in touch.  Mike. 

Kristin Dicenso responded;

You’re welcome and you too. I will ALWAYS be straight with you. And please know, I order out 4 to 5 nights a week and tip ridiculously. I’m a foodie. I don’t want to lose the great local restaurants we have. We need you!



Judge for yourself. We do appreciate the Alderwoman responding. It is encouraging that the Alderwoman stated she does not plan to call for a shutdown. We hope others on council follow suit.

Regarding the DATA. Lawmakers we are speaking with are very concerned that anything released now will be highly questionable because of all the secrecy. One Lawmaker stated,

"During the Governor's Media updates he holds a bunch of papers up claiming they are the DATA. If they are why not release them then? We think they are not."

What is upsetting to many of the Bar/Restaurant owners is the fact that DATA is being kept secret as exposed by the above reports destroying people and communities. That the small Bar/Restaurants who don't have deep pockets are being targeted when the DATA shows it should be others. Jobs and livelihoods have been lost. Plus, the establishments who are the fabric and of every community has unjustly been vilified and mostly by the media and elected officials with no supporting DATA.

Because as one County official, during a meeting of officials and 200 Bar/Restaurant Owners, Said.


This blog was intended to promote what is happening at the Dew. Food Items and cool stories. Unfortunately we have had to use it to get our story out and to fight for our lives. We hope we can get back to normal soon. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.






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