Data Revealed. Data Ignored. Why?

This is what many are referring to as the list.

Whatever you call it, this list blows the argument out of the water many have made. That argument? Bars and restaurants are behind the COVID-19 outbreaks and spikes. It's that argument the State and some local leaders have used to justify the targeted shutdowns of these establishments while other establishments are allowed to remain fully opened.

The list and the DATA it contains was not supposed to be seen by you or me. It was accidentally released and obtained by the Documenting COVID-19 Project at Columbia University's Brown Institute for Media Innovation, in partnership with the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting.

This information was also obtained and recently released by Springfield Leaks. Below is a link to their on line publication and Document.

This list is just some of the DATA. Despite the many requests, made by Senator Mike Murphy, Representative C.D. Davidsmey, and Senator Steve McClure, for the DATA to be released that justifies the shutdowns of Bars and Restaurants. This Secrete List or DATA makes it as to clear why it hasn't been released. Again, we were not suppose to see it.