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Enquiring Minds Want To Know.

Eric Steiner of Springfield, Illinois notice something that just seemed different. Eric wrote us to find out, and to clear up the question of the letter "L" in Chilli. Or is it chili?

Eric Wrote. Quote "On this website and in your email address you spell Chilli as Chilli but on your 48oz can of Chilli it's spelled Chili. Why? "

Eric is 100% correct. When we talk about Dew Chilli we spell the word Chilli with 2-L's instead of the traditional one L spelling. Our logo and all of our marketing material, and Yes our New Brick in a can Chilli has the Double L, except for the main face of the Can. Hmmm? Could this be a mistake?

Enquiring Minds Want to Know.

It was back in 1909 when the founder of Dew Chilli decided to spell Chilli with 2-L's and not one. People often made fun of Joe Bocklemann saying.....Joe what's wrong with you can't you spell? Joe in a soft tone would smile and laugh under his breath, replied sure can. The second L in my chilli stands for Love. Joe loved his customers and loved his creation. He always did things his way and spelled his Chilli with not one but two "L"'s. Dew Chilli.

Joe's love caught the attention of Illinois Governor Walker who signed a proclamation proclaiming in Illinois the official spelling of Chilli is with 2 "L" So that is the history lesson.

Now to answer the question as to why the Face of our Brick in a Can has Chili and not Chilli.

The super-easy and super-short answer for this question is because the USDA says so. But let's us flush this out a bit more. The........

Establishes what they call “standards of identity” for food labeling. You can add fanciful descriptors (like “tavern-style”), but you can’t alter the actual standard of identity (in this case, chili).

There are all sorts of very-strict Government rules about what you legally can and can’t call food on your packaging. Let’s use chili as an example:

  • The USDA considers the word “chili” to imply that it has red meat in it. In order to call something “chili,” it has to have at least 40% red meat. This also applies to “chili without beans.”

  • To be called “chili with beans,” it has to have beans (obviously, but no more than 25%) and at least 25% red meat.

  • You need at least 6% red meat if you’re going to call something “chili hot dog sauce.”

  • Anything else is just called “chili sauce.”

  • Chili made with non-beef meats, like Vegetarian Chili, have their own separate guidelines.

We have to get USDA approval for our labels, and as far as the USDA is concerned, there is no such thing as “chilli” with two Ls, which is why our can labels legally have to say “chili” with one L.

The 2-L spelling is only accepted in Illinois thanks to Governor Walker, but since we are now shipping our Cans around the Country we must follow USDA guidelines on the can face.

Notice the top of the Can and the Dew Logo. The 2-L spelling is allowed there, because it's our official logo. It's the name of our company.

Below the logo is the face or description of the the product that has to use the 1-L spelling.

So Eric we hope this answers your question. Thank you so much for asking. This was fun putting this blog together.

We invite people to ask any question by going to our contact page and writing in.

Also, you can order you Brick in the Can of Dew Chilli by going to our shop page on this website. Here you can get the cans shipped anywhere in the country.

Locally go to the following Grocery stores.

  1. County Market on Carpenter Street in Springfield, Illinois.

  2. County Market on Monroe Street in Springfield Illinois.

  3. County Market in Girard, Illinois.

Hy-Vee on MacArthur Blvd.

Or stop by any Dew Chilli Location.

If your grocery store doesn't carry Dew Chilli just yet, you can request them to do so and we would be happy to stock there shelves with this award winning true Tavern-Style Chilli. Just ask your grocery store to reach out to us.

Oh don't forget to check out our recipe page on the many ways to make incredible Dew Dishes.






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