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Fear Sells, Communities Suffer.

"If we Saw Restaurants and Bars that they were the source of an outbreak- as we've done in every other setting--we would aggressively addressed those issues. We have not"

This is a direct quote. You would think a quote from a Republican Senator or Congressman, or a quote from a Restaurant or Bar owner. But it's not. It's a quote from this Mayor.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has stood by Governor J.B. Pritzker time and time again. She is a loyal foot soldier for the Governor. But on Wednesday October 28, 2020 the Mayor disagreed with the Governor stating restaurants "are the industry that's been the most impacted," She went on to say that she is "worried many may be unable to come back".

Those public statements by Mayor Lightfoot triggered an angry response from the Governor. Many point out that the Governor goes to a common fear tactic phrase to make his argument "People are Dying Period".

There is no question about it. People have died due to COVID-19 and the Positivity Rate has risen. First the death rate has drastically dropped according to the CDC. There is over a 97% survivability rate and That is because we understand the virus better and have better treatments. Now to the positivity rate. It is going up. That's because, according the officials, testing has drastically increased. Therefore, the positivity rate climbs. Just, like it does in flu cases.

During a meeting on Monday October 25th The Director of the Health Department told a gathering of 150 Restaurant, Bar, City and other State Officials that, "Not one COVID-19 case has been traced back to a Restaurant or Bar" The Director went on to say. "Restaurant and Bars have one of the lowest COVID rates". When asked why bars and restaurants are being shut down the Directly quickly, but honestly said. "Because they can be".

Meaning these shutdowns have become political.

That message was clear during another gathering of 200 plus owners and operators of Restaurants, and Bars along with Senator Steve McClure and Mike Murphy and other City, County, State and Federal officials.

Senator Steve McClure told the crowd. "We've been shown no data from the Pritzker administration to demonstrate why Region 3's restaurants and bars should be closed down. We've been asking for more transparency, actual data that we can see, and public hearings for months. Despite repeated promises that data is coming, we've received nothing," Said Senator McClure who went on to say. " In Region 3, there are many employees working at these restaurants, and bars who live paycheck to paycheck, and they don't know how they are going to pay their bills. We've got business owners that may have to permanently close their doors. They've been given no data to support the Governor's unilateral decision to target them."

Senator Mike Murphy stated during this news conference that. " I'm disappointed with Pritzker's refusal to release contact tracing data that he says justifies his decision to close indoor service at bars and restaurants." Murphy said and went on to say, " Dr. Ezike state that the biggest cause of outbreaks is universities and large private gathers; however, the new restrictions only damage local small businesses that provide opportunities for thousand of workers to make a living'. Murphy stated.

All the elected officials say they have asked time and time again for the Data to be given them. But the Governor refused until recently stating he will release the Data in a week. But that concerns the Senators who are concerned that during that week the so called Data will be manipulated. McClure says if decisions have been made the DATA should be available before those decisions were made.

Senator McClure sits on several committees. Two of which are directly related to such things as COVID-19.

  1. The Higher Education Committee.

  2. The Committee on Public Health.

Senator McClure says not one time has the Committee on Public Health had a meeting to address this issue. Why? Because he says the Governor refuses to allow Illinois Lawmakers to come back into session. Instead the Governor is making Decisions without the input of the representatives of the People of Illinois.

This concerns many. Illinois lawmakers are not going to work but are still getting paid for work not being done.

The Bottom Line is signs like this are going up all over our communities in Illinois.

Each of these signs represent people. Lives Destroyed. Why?

Not because of the VIRUS but because of decision made based on false DATA and Political motivations.

Besides attending the News Conference and Meeting with officials there are other sources of information for this blog. They can be found on the following links.

NBC 5 Chicago:

The State Journal Register:

The State Journal Register:

Please support your local small businesses and community.






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