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There is a need. Will you Help?

Scared, Alone, Hungry and Proud. In some cases too proud to ask for help for they never had to before. But the Coronavirus is not like anything we have had before. Like anything else we have been faced with before.

The Virus has closed our Country, and many people find themselves shuttered inside to defeat this deadly enemy. It happened so fast, with very little warning. To the point many found themselves unable to get family near them, or prepare for the weeks of confinement. So they are scared, alone, hungry and still proud but facing the possibility that this might be the thing that beats them.

We don't want this virus to beat anyone and have launched a fight. But your help is needed. The Dew Good "Food For Seniors" drive has taught John and I and all of us at the Dew something. While we have heard about the need many Seniors are faced with, we have never experienced what was going on first hand. Seen it for ourselves. Until now.

We need your help to help those who sometimes get lost in the rush of things. Like everyone running around preparing themselves for surviving this crisis while often forgetting some of the most vulnerable in our community.

John and I was contacted by someone who works at a State Agency, she told us of the many Seniors who cried out for help, looking for a hot meal, but were turned away because the agency has been so overwhelmed. So, we launched the Dew Good "Food For Seniors" Drive.

Every Tuesday for lunch our Professional Cooks prepare hot meals to be delivered to area Seniors. It is Free to our Seniors. This was today meals being prepared and delivered.

Each Meal is prepared keeping in mind Nutritional needs some of our Seniors may have, kept warm and sent to their homes by our staff.

While Seniors are not asked for any money there is a cost. The cost of the product and the staff. We have established a GoFundMe page to help offset some of the costs associated with this program. This is the link to follow to learn more about it and perhaps make whatever donation you can.

The Dew makes no money off the program what so ever. So please if you can contribute please do so. Also, please help us spread the word about this program so we can reach as many Seniors in Springfield and the surrounding areas as we can.

If you are a senior who would like us to make a delivery to you. Please call Brad Issacs at the Dew. 217-679-1910. Brad is the District Manager and is over seeing this program. Or you can email us at When contacting us please let us know if you are calling for yourself or someone else. Please leave a phone number and if you are emailing Brad will reach back out to you for all the details and we will get that hot meal out to your door on Tuesdays.

This program will continue as long as there are funds to cover it. We are a small company struggling ourselves just trying to do our part. Help our Seniors. This is why we need your help to ensure this program stays vibrate. Too many Seniors are counting on it. We've seen it first hand.

Here is what's on the menu for Next Tuesday 4/21/2020.

  • Side Salad

  • Burger Steak

  • Potato

  • Green Beans

  • Dessert

Thank you and Stay Safe.

Mike and John and the Dew Team.






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