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Block In A Can

When someone says Chili Block. This is most likely what comes to mind.

A frozen product with a short shelf life that can't be transported and typically shouldn't be reheated.

But at Dew Chilli Parlor's Of America Chilli Blocks are a lot different. Fresh, Full of Flavor, Long Shelf lives, can be shipped and enjoyed. Why?

Here is why. Dew Chilli once served frozen Chili Blocks, but often heard it didn't taste the same, didn't keep well or too hard to use.

So our Research and Development team went to work. There mission. Take the same Dew Chilli without altering the secrete recipe that's been around for over 111 years and put it in a can.

They succeeded! Let us introduce you to the Dew Chilli Blocks in a Can. The Chili is cooked to perfection, put in a Family Size Can and Vacuumed sealed. It's never Frozen! the sealing process does not require refrigeration, you can keep in on your shelf for up to two years, or until you're ready to dig in.

These Family Size Cans can be opened heated and eaten as is. That will serve 7 people. Add Beans you increase your servings to 16. There are many other recipes to make with Dew Chilli, like Taco's, Pizza, Pasta, Hot Dogs, Chili Burgers, Casseroles, Stuff Peppers and so much more. See some of those recipes at our recipe blog at .

The Dew Chilli Family Size Cans can be bought at any Dew Store location or by going to our on-line store at

But we are very grateful and excited that the Dew Family Size Cans are on the store shelves of County Market located on Carpenter Street and the Monroe Street County Market location in Springfield, Illinois. Thank you County Market for supporting local business and their products.

The Dew Family Size Can can also be shipped anywhere in the country. Many shipments have been going to Florida, New York, Ohio and California.

Again, go to and go to the online store to order your cans and they will be shipped right away.

While the old blocks start off frozen, Dew Chilli Blocks in a can does not. So that means you can open the can use what you want and freeze the rest and portion it out to use for many future meals. It really is amazing!

Dew Chilli has come a long way since when it was founded in 1909.

Thank you Springfield, Illinois. We hope we are making your proud.






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