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  • MJ Kellner Teams Up with Dew Chilli Parlor's Of America

    For 100 years MJ Kellner of Springfield, Illinois has provided Restaurants, Bars and Grocery stores products for customers to enjoy. So, it only makes sense for this hundred-year-old Illinois Staple to team up with another century plus old Springfield, Illinois Legend. All of us Dew Chilli Parlor's Of America are honored to be able to share with you that MJ Kellner has decided to distribute the Dew Chilli Family Size cans. Dew Owners Mike Monseur and John Leskovisek were invited to bring their product to MJ Kellner and present it to the Kellner sales team. What a day it was for the Dew Crew. There, the Kellner team learned what all can be done with just one Family Size Can of Dew Chilli and how it will benefit their customers. From a cup or bowl of Dew Chilli, to a Dew Chilli Pot Pie, or a Dew Hot Dog and Tater Tot Casserole and so much more can be whipped up using just one Dew Chilli Can. Many more recipes, from actual Dew Customers can be found on the Dew Blog at Dew Chilli is now available to restaurants and bars to Dew up their menu a bit more, or for start-ups looking for a simple food program to get get into business. MJ Kellner is now an authorized Distributor of Dew Chilli! We want to thank MJ Kellner for recognizing the importance of supporting a Locally Owned Business in the Springfield Illinois community. So contact your MJ Kellner Representative to let them know that you want to do a little Dew. Other Authorized Distributors are . Sysco, provides Dew Chilli, not only to local customers but to Customers all over the Country. Kohl Food Distributor is also a Dew Distributor helping Grocery stores keep their shelves stocked with a Springfield, Illinois Gem. DEW CHILLI We want to thank our distributors for the work they do. We especially want to thank the truck drivers of each of our valued distributers. Without you there would not be us. We appreciate each and every one of you. We pray for your safety on the roads.

  • Dew Alert!

    It is coming! Are you prepared? The Dew Family Size cans are a good choice for such an occasion. Each can is airtight sealing in the true Dew Flavor. It also makes for a very long shelf life. One can, just by opening it up, heating it up, serves 7. Add your favorite beans and it serves 16. Don't have a big crowd. That's ok. Use what you need, freeze the rest to use for future dishes, like Stuffed Peppers, Smothered Pasta, Casseroles and more. Dew cans are available at the following locations. All County Market Grocery Stores in Chatham, Girard, Sherman, and Springfield Illinois. Harvest Market in Springfield, Illinois Apple Barn in Chatham, Illinois. Country Market in Springfield, Illinois. Cans are also available at any Dew Store location and online at and hit the shop button. The cans can be shipped anywhere in the country. Dew secret spices make for a good seasoning on Fish, Chicken, Steaks, Burgers, Salads and more. Dew Spices also can be shipped anywhere in the country by shopping our on-line store at Spices are also available at the following store locations. House of Meats in Decatur, Illinois Apple Barn in Chatham, Illinois Country Market in Springfield, Illinois Magro's in Springfield, Illinois Harvest Market in Springfield, Illinois Stay save, Stay warm.

  • Hey Decatur Illinois. BIG NEWS!

    The Finest Old Fashion Meat Shop is now stocking Central Illinois Finest Old Fashion Spice from Dew Chilli Parlor's Of Ameria. Decatur's House of Meats, the finest old fashion meat shop in the area! The House of Meats offers the area's finest selection of fresh cut meats. Now the House of Meats will be stocking its shelves with a Spice Dating back to 1909 and the ingredients kept secret ever since it was founded. The Spice Blend was created back in 1909 when Dew Chilli was founded. Never before has it been offered in a bottle to be offered to customers of retailers across the country until recently. Many Chefs are now turning to the Dew to Spice up their dishes. Just a dash will do it. Sea Food Steaks Salads Burgers Mexican Dishes Just some of the items it's used on in Kitchens from Restaurants to Homes Across America. So, two Illinois legions working together to offer you the BEST! Check out the House of Meats Here Quality Butcher Services | Special Deli Meats & Cheeses | Decatur, IL ( Also, The Dew Spice can be shipped anywhere in the country. Just hit the Shop Tab on this website

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  • Contact | Dew Chilli | Chili Springfield, IL & Pekin, Illinois

    CONTACT DEW For all general inquiries please fill out the below form. You may also find a specific location's contact information here. Name Email Phone How can we help you? Submit Thanks for submitting! WANT TO JOIN THE DEW FAMILY? Careers INTERESTED IN OPENING A DEW LOCATION? Learn More

  • Live Music | Dew Chilli | Chili Springfield, IL | Live Bands, Karaoke & Comedy

    DEW LIVE MUSIC Springfield Singers, Artists, Comedians and more. The Entertainment hub in Springfield, Illinois is Dew North. Every Friday and some Saturdays The Dew Pub and Grill located at 301 North Grand Avenue West in Springfield, Illinois will bring the house lights down and the spotlights up featuring local artists. Many of whom are national stars who live right here in Springfield, Illinois. Jun 19, 2020 1 min DEW LIVE TONIGHT! THE BIG EVENT! 91 Post not marked as liked Feb 25, 2020 1 min March 6 - Mary Jo Curry Blues Band 14 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 Feb 25, 2020 1 min March 13 - Jack & Morgan 20 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 Feb 25, 2020 1 min March 20 - The Kitchens 18 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 Feb 25, 2020 1 min March 21 - Karaoke Night 14 Post not marked as liked Feb 25, 2020 1 min March 27 - Hat Trick 13 Post not marked as liked Feb 25, 2020 1 min March 28 - Comedy Showcase 11 Post not marked as liked INTERESTED IN PLAYING @ DEW ? Contact Us Today! JOIN THE DEWERS! Get updates on our entertainment line up right to your inbox! Join Thanks for joining! Be sure to check your email for awesome stuff!

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