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Answering the Challenge With Onions for You Deb :)

Just the other day I put out a challenge for you to whip up a recipe using Broccoli, Fresh Mushrooms an Onion, plus one Item of your choice and any seasoning to create a nice dish.

I got a lot of responses, but one stood out. Deborah said, and I'm quoting, " I have tried twice to pair broccoli with onion and didn't like it. I won't do it again."

Deborah, Deborah, Deborah never say never. So, I took her comment as a challenge to my original challenge and went to work. I must say I was worried because it's hard to cook an onion just right and pair it with something like Broccoli.

First, I get all of my set up and prep done and seasonings in place.

  1. Coarse Sea Salt

  2. Fresh Black Pepper

  3. Dew Chili Seasoning Blend (doesn't taste like Chili don't let the name fool you.

  4. Low Sodium Soy Sauce

  5. Butter.

  6. Fresh Garlic

  7. Half a red onion

  8. Fresh Mushrooms

  9. Fresh Broccoli

  10. Mazzarella Cheese Slices

  11. Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The Item I picked to go with the Challenge?

I'm going to use my left-over meatballs I made the other day. Remember the Spaghetti and Meatball dish?

Just in case here is the link to that dish.

First Chop up the onion and Slice at least 4 cloves of Garlic. I love Garlic. You can adjust. For the recipe I slice them and not dice the garlic. Helps in the flavor pairing with the onions.

Then slice your Broccoli but leave some of the stems.

Put some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Butter into your frying pan. Add some Salt and Pepper and heat up. While you're letting that get hot remember this tool?

This is my hot water heater. It's great, and fast. Fill it with water if you have one, if you don't just boil a pan of water.

Then pour the hot water over your broccoli in a separate bowl and let stand for twelve minutes. Do not boil your broccoli on a stove top of boiling water. You want to add the water to the Broccoli. Big difference.

Now add your onions to the frying pan. Keep moving the onions around in the butter, oil mixture. Once the onions start turning add your sliced garlic and continue to sauté.

At this point I season with a little more salt and pepper and add more butter.

Ok, now add in your sliced mushrooms and continue to sauté. Keep mixing for about four more minutes. Taste one of the mushrooms and make sure it is nice and tasty.

At this point strain the water out of your Broccoli and put the Broccoli in your frying pan only for about a minute. Also add some soy sauce and mix.

Remove everything from the frying pan and put back in your bowl. Add some butter and Dew Chili Seasoning Blend. You get the blend here or at your Hy-Vee, or County Market store locations.

Keep in mind just because the word Chili is in the name, it does not mean it gives it a chili taste. That's the name of the company. This blend is great on all sorts of things and really adds a lot of flavors. Deb, remember your concerns about the onions? :)

We are almost done. The meatballs should have already been placed in the oven at 425 degrees for 30 minutes. Before placing them in the oven season them slightly with the Dew Seasoning.

In the last minute of baking take your cheese slices and place on each meatball, which are also slightly seasoned with the Dew Spice Blend.

Let the cheese melt nicely and the only thing left is to get your plates ready.

I always put a coating of Butter, Salt, Pepper and when needed Fresh Parsley as a bed on the plate before plating the food.

Now it's time to enjoy, I finish it all off with a sprinkle of Parsley then serve it up.

The flavors are fantastic, and the onions and Broccoli really paired well and complimented the dish.

I hope you will give it a try.

Be looking for more recipes right here at

Next time we will talk about how to take a Nutri System meal and make it wonderful and still follow the Nutri System plan and guidelines. John and I have been working on our weight and these dishes are delicious and designed to help us continue to lose weight. John has lost about 40lbs and I 85lbs as of this posting. Pictures will come soon. LOL.






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