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The COVID-19 pandemic spread quickly throughout the United States. We want to keep all of you safe and your families by properly preparing our workplace As we continue to work and serve our communities.

We want to be transparent with you so we are sharing with you what we are doing to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. The following are Mandatory Procedures for all of our staff members and vendors and are strictly enforced.

1. If you are sick, have a cough or fever report this right away and do not enter the workplace. Go the doctor to get checked out and produce a doctor note to give to your manager before returning to work. If you get sick while at work the employee should leave the location immediately and not allowed to walk through the store at all. If they are waiting for a ride, they are to be taken to a predetermined room isolated from anyone in the building until their ride arrives. Then that room cleaned. Know the signs of illness.

· Vomiting

· Diarrhea

· Jaundice (yellow skin or eyes)

· Sore throat with fever

· Infected cuts and burns with pus on hands and wrists.

2. All employees and vendors who enter any of our locations are to strictly to follow our hand washing policy. Immediately upon entry to the building individuals are to thoroughly wash their hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds. Hands are to be washed after.

· Touching areas of your face or body

· Blowing your nose

· Working with a new type of food or equipment

· Handling soiled clothing or linen

· Using the Restroom

· Eating

· Smoking/Vaping/Any Tobacco usage.

· Handling Raw Meat or Poultry

· Returning from Break.

3. All employees and anyone entering a location should adhere to Social Distancing guidelines to remain 6 feet apart.

4. Routinely clean all frequently touched surfaces in the workplace, such as workstations, countertops and doorknobs. Use standard cleaning agents and follow the directions on the label.

5. All staff who prepare food are to wear masks, or a bandanna covering their mouth and nose area. These same staff members are to wear gloves. No gloves can be reused if you touch other items unrelated to your food preparation.

6. All staff including servers, bartenders, managers anyone on the clock are also to wear masks, or a bandanna. You can get creative as long as it is tasteful and as long as mouths and noises are covered while working. When bringing food out gloves are to be worn and changed.

7. If you are a staff member and not on the clock you do not enter the building for any reason.

8. Sanitizing hand rub are always to be placed in prominent places around the workplace and kept filled.

9. Thermometers have been purchased and each location given one. These are to be handled by the GM. After each use they need to be cleaned and stored in a safe place and not left on a counter or in area where they can get contaminated or broke. When employees enter the work place the manager is take the persons temperature. If they have an elevated temperature, they are to be sent home right away and not allowed to re-enter the store until they present a doctor note that it is ok for them to return to work.

10. Dining rooms are closed to public until the stay at home order is lifted and those guidelines are re-established there is no eating food on location by any customers.

11. When Dining Rooms are able to re-open the following guidelines. Prepare dining rooms by doing the following.

· Remove Every other chair at the bar areas to add more space between customers.

· Remove seating in the dining room to accommodate Social Distancing.

· No items, like Ketchup, or mustard, salt and pepper shakers or any item are to be placed on tabletops.

· All silverware is to be safely wrapped and placed on tables once the customers arrive.

· Napkins for the amount of people at the table should be provided. If they want more give more, but don’t leave bundles on a table.

· In booth areas. Customers should not be seated back to back. There should be an empty booth between booths that have customers.

· Buffets, Children under 10 years old are not to be close to a buffet Adults must get items from the buffet for children.

· Buffets are to be constantly sanitized and charted.

· Buffets are to be constantly temped and charted.

· Buffets can not be over stocked. Example, pizzas are to be kept in a straight line and easily accessible, so customers are not reaching over product to get a slice.

· Buffet Spatulas are to be changed out after each buffet pizza is gone.

12. Check Out Counters: Shields are to be installed separating cashier from customers and kept clean.

13. Delivery Services, like DoorDash, GrubHub are not to enter the building. They are to use Curbside service. You need to notify each driver of this policy.

14. Curbside areas need to be identified now and clearly and permanently marked. The temporary areas need to go away and we move to a permanent program that works for each location.

15. Food and other Venders entering store for deliveries. Post on door where the delivery drivers enter. That they can not enter the building without Gloves and masks. You need to notify your vendors that we will be enforcing this policy so they can provide their employees with the proper product. You can provide them with it the first few times. Signage should say the following and managers need to print and post on doors inside and out at delivery points.


16. Floor markings on Social Distancing should be visible for customers to see.

Be Aggressive. If it’s not listed doesn’t mean it should not be done. If it means protecting each other and those who enter our locations, then do it.

Managers you need to use this each day as a check list and check each item off as you go through your day each and every day. Just posting it will not enforce it. You must practice this every day all day and the staff needs to adhere, no exceptions no reason as to why not.

To Our customers. We share this with you so you know we are serious about protecting our staff and you. We have worked Directly with the CDC and Local Health Department Officials to ensure our locations are safe for all.

Also, these may be some practicing your can implement at your home or your office. Hope it helps.






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