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Sangamon/Springfield New Guidelines For Businesses and Citizens Just Announced.

Springfield Mayor Jim Langfelder, Sangamon, County Officials and other elected officials held a joint news conference to announce new mitigation measures regarding COVID-19.

These measures, less than a week, after Mayor Langfelder announced he would not be enforcing the Governor's orders.

Today, the Mayor said he made his decision on these new mitigation measures calling on all citizens of Springfield and Sangamon County regarding COVID-19. The Mayor said the new rules will not just target small businesses like restaurants and bars as the Governors order has and has happened in the past.

Recent data has shown that Restaurants and Bars have not be the source of COVID outbreaks as has been proclaimed by many.

A recent NBC investigative report called Illinois Keeps a Secret List of Thousands of Coronavirus Outbreaks. Confirms what many restaurants and bars have been saying all along. Those establishments are not the source of COVID outbreaks.

This is the link to that investigative report and those secrete lists again shows Restaurants and Bars have not been the source of COVID outbreaks. Instead it reveals that, private house parties, graduations, weddings, nursing homes are the leading places of COVID outbreaks. Here is the link.

This is something Mayor Langfelder acknowledged during todays press conference. To area Bars and Restaurants who have been vilified, that was music to their ears. Bars and Restaurants have worked hard to keep our communities safe. The Mayor is quoted as saying, "you know everyone brings up restaurants and bars, but do you really know the number one cause of outbreaks? It's house parties, house parties!)

The new mitigation, for the first time, not only will be enforced on bars and restaurants but all retail and small business locations. The new approach will last for two weeks and the new data will be reviewed. The Mayor is hoping at that time the mitigation can be eased.

To customers of small businesses. The Mayor urges you to keep supporting our communities businesses and to cooperate and understand the small business location is only doing what they have been mandated to do.

Mike and John, owners of Godfather's Pizza and Dew Chilli Parlor's of America said, " We think the Mayor has taken a reasonable approach. It's also appreciated that bars and restaurants are no longer being vilified and targeted and that the burden or beating COVID is being a shared community experience. We ask our customers to follow the guidelines set forth by the Mayor and Sangamon County leaders. We will do our part, please do yours? "

Mike and John went on to say delivering this message to the Mayor, " Mayor, we just listened to your press conference. We think your approach is very reasonable and we thank you for telling the side of the restaurants and bars who have been vilified for so long. This must be a community effort and all businesses, as you stated should take part. We are putting a notice of support out for your call to action. We assure you we will be following the guidelines as we battle this together. Thank you for your support".

The following are the new mitigation guidelines for Springfield and Sangamon County. We ask our customers to help us by supporting our business and the the measures we are taking. We also ask our customers to be helpful and understanding regarding the requirements we must follow in keeping logs on everyone who enters our locations.

Springfield and Sangamon County County Rules for Operation and Customers

Per Mayor Langfelder

Occupancy and Social Distancing Establishments must operate their indoor public areas at no more than 25% of capacity and their outdoor public areas at no more than 50% of capacity. Indoor and outdoor capacity restrictions will be calculated and enforced separately. For example, if the capacity of an establishment is forty guests inside and fifty guests outside, the maximum number of guests allowed will be ten inside and twenty-five outside. For those customers being served indoors, the establishment must have all customers complete a health questionnaire setting forth the name and phone number of each guest and the date, time in, time out, and the guest's table number. Establishments must maintain these questionnaires and provide them to the County upon request. Establishments must ensure that all customers only consume food or drink while seated at a table (not a bar or countertop). All seated customers must be seated at their table so that they are at least six feet away from: (a) any other customer seated at any other table; and (b) any other patron service area. In lieu of compliance with this six-foot rule, the establishment may use physical barriers to separate a customer seated at their table from customers seated at other tables and from other patron service areas. Establishments shall not allow customers to sit at bars or countertops. Orders for food and drink may be taken and fulfilled at a counter or bar and payment for the food and drink accepted, but only if 6 foot social distancing guidelines are followed with the use of recommended face coverings. Establishments shall not allow customers to consume food or drink while they are standing. To the extent possible, patrons must wait for services off-premises, either outdoors and maintaining a social distance of 6-ft with the use of recommended face coverings or in their vehicles. Patrons can remain in the waiting area but should adhere to 6Mft distancing guidelines. Fire departments located in Sangamon County will assist Sangamon County Liquor and Health Inspectors in determining occupancy limits. Hours of Operation Establishments may not begin serving the public until 6:00 a.m. Establishments must close by 11:00 p.m., and no customers shall remain in either indoor or outdoor serving areas after 11:00 p.m.

Face Coverings

Establishments must have an adequate supply of face coverings for staff, as well as a policy and training for staff to wear their face coverings. Employees must wear face coverings over their nose and mouth. Establishments shall ensure that all customers wear face coverings over their nose and mouth while they are in the indoor public areas but not seated indoors with their own household/party.

Hand Washing and Sanitizing Stations

Hand-washing sinks must be accessible, functional with hot and cold warming water, and fully stocked with soap, hand drying devices, and waste cans. Hand sanitizing stations must be provided, as appropriate, in multiple locations to encourage hand hygiene by both patrons and employees to supplement hand washing. Train and remind employees of effective hand hygiene practices, including washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Live Music/Dancing

Is Not Permitted.


If existing windows in the areas tables are provided for customers' use are operable, they must each be opened one inch to increase the volume of fresh air entering the building while the area is open for use by the public.

The establishment's existing HVAC equipment shall be operated at maximum capacity for the purpose of exchanging the air in the indoor public areas tables are provided for customers' use.







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