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Drivers Start Your Engines!

All of us at the Dew want to introduce you to 6 year old Emersyn Kisner.

But to introduce her properly we have to start when she was at the ripe old age of 5.

She is described by many as a soul of passion. One who loves life to the fullest and blossoms under adventure. New experiences and meeting new people, draws in her out-going joyous personality. Everyone who talks about her says she is unbelievably smart and inquisitive for her age and Quick to understand and learn to overcome new challenges.

So, it was no surprise to her parents when she got introduced to the world of racing. At 5-years old she took to racing with eyes of wonderment and it was at that young age a new adventure began.

Dew Chilli Parlor's Of America is proud to be part of that adventure by sponsoring Emersyn in Quarter Midget Car Racing.

This sport is a form of auto racing in a quarter midget car, a down scaled version of other cars. The cars are specially built and prepared under rules and safety procedures that are designed specifically for children.

Within the significant Quarter Midget motor sports events, children ages 5 to 16 are allowed to take part in various class divisions.

The cars have bodies that are fiber glass and/or aluminum tin and are built around a tubular frame, fully suspended with springs or torsion bars and shocks. They race on oval tracks approximately 1/20 of a mile consisting of a concrete, asphalt or dirt surface.

In July of this year Emersyn took part in her first Rookie race at the Abraham Lincoln Quarter Midget Association (ALQMA) Regional.

She won 11 heat races, 3 main features and qualified fastest in her class 3 times. She has also taken second in 5 of the main features.

Emersyn's last race for 2020 will be the Shorey Shootout in Springfield on Halloween Weekend.

This will be a big one and all of us at the Dew are so proud of our little racer.

So Dew Chilli has put together a special offer for all of the racers and their race fans. Anyone who mentions our girl, Emersyn Kisner, or the Shorey Shootout, will receive 20% off their meal on October 30th through November 1st.

So spread the word and bring an appetite!

Emersyn we are so proud of you and the Kisner Racing team.


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