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Just finished delivering food to area seniors who might have otherwise gone without during the Coronavirus crisis.

It's Called Dew Good "Food For Seniors". The program was created after owners Mike Monseur and John Leskovisek read news reports from local Charities stating that they are in need of help to feed our Senior Community. So Mike and John and the Dew team developed a GoFundMe page. Follow this link to the page to generate funds to feed as many seniors in need in Springfield and the surrounding communities as possible.

Every Tuesday, for lunch, the Dew Cooks cook up Nutritional meals to be delivered to those who may not have anyone to help them, who are alone, or just need a helping hand for what ever reason.

Today's meal featured a fresh dinner salad with the choice of their salad dressing.

Jell-O or Apple Sauce

That was just for starters.

The Main Meal Featured an 8 oz Grilled Chicken Breast cooked to perfection. Green Beans and a Baked Potato.

To wrap it all off was a choice of a dessert.

The funds raised to make this program happen go solely to buy the product to make, and the labor. The Seniors are not asked for any money at all.

This program not only helps our area seniors but keeps people working.

Dew Chilli Parlor's make no money on this program. It is totally designed to help those in our community during the Coronavirus Crisis. We will continue the program as long as the funds allow us to with your help.

On the menu for Next Tuesdays ( 4/14/20) Deliveries:

  1. Dinner Salad with Dressing

  2. Spaghetti.

  3. Garlic Toast

  4. Dessert.

If you are a senior or you know a senior who needs a meal please go to our contact page here and email us with your contact information and our District Manager Brad Issacs will be in touch with you to get all the details.

If you would like to donate to the Dew Good "Food For Seniors" fund please go to our GoFundMe page. Here is the link

Any and all donations can go a long way.

From all of us at the Dew. Stay safe and thank you for making a difference and thank you for your support.





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