Out of Sight. Out of Mind.

The fact is that many Seniors are tucked away in their latter years. Many times forgotten, left alone. Want to know what it feels like? Well, Just take the current COVID-19 lockdown and the affects it has on your life no matter your age. It's been hard, anxiety sets in, fear takes control and the hope someone will just notice, notice you are still here. You are getting a little taste of what many Springfield area Seniors experience every day.

Making life worse for our Seniors is when something like COVID-19 happens. Seniors tend to suffer even more. Look at the Senior Death Rate, especially in nursing homes around the country. It's a crisis in itself.

Many seniors are limited in what they can do, l The money raised goes to buy and prepare Nutritious meals for Springfield area Seniors. These Seniors either than can't get out, are too scared to get out, or have no one to help them. Our Seniors pay nothing. The cost of the food, delivery and employees are paid by the Dew and the gofundme page through your donations.

The Dew Good Program, Food for Seniors, was designed and launched to help as many Seniors in Springfield, Illinois and surrounding communities as possible. We at the Dew were not sure how to do it. As you know the restaurant industry has been dev