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Thank you County Market Girard, Illinois

All of us at Dew Chilli Parlor's of America are excited that County Market in Girard, Illinois is the latest to put the legendary Dew Chilli in a Can on the store shelves.

Girard County Market, like the others who stock Dew are committed to supporting local businesses. Girard County Market received just it's first shipment of Dew and they are now available to Girard Residents.

Let us share with you a bit of Dew history by telling you about this legendary Chilli that has gained national attention for Illinois.

Since 1909, The Dew Chilli Parlor has had a rich history-just like our Chilli! Our story is a love story, and one that is ever on-going. Below take a trip back in time and travel through the years to see how one man's dream and passion has turned into a National Treasure the Country has grown to love.

Today, more locations and a distribution center located in Chicago the Dew is being produced for local and national distribution. The same secrete recipe now in a can.

Remember those Chili Blocks. Frozen, messy hard to deal with. Typically ran you about thirty or forty bucks for one that serves several?

Now, our team has captured the same original flavor of the Dew and put it our New Chilli in a Can.

These Chilli cans are shelf stable with a long shelf life. Each can feeds six just by popping open the can and heating it up. Add beans and you can serve up to 17.

Most people are using the Dew in a Can for many other dishes, like stuffed peppers, pizza's, pasta's, casseroles and more. What they don't use they freeze for later.

Grocery stores have found that the Legendary Dew is in high demand. Per serving it is cheaper than the typical small cans that only serves one, perhaps two. That's one reason why Grocery stores are stocking them on their shelves and they are gone in no time. The overall cost savings and the true flavor of a true tavern style high end chilli is what people want and County Market in Girard is now providing it.

Other County Market Locations carrying the Dew Brick in a Can.

  1. Springfield.

  2. Chatham

  3. Sherman

  4. Jacksonville

  5. and now Girard!

We are also proud to say that HyVee in Springfield also carries the Dew in a Can. Dew in a can is also available to be shipped anywhere in the country. Great gift for those loved ones who moved away. Go to our shop button at our online store. There you can purchase the Cans and tell us where you what them shipped and away they go.

Tell your friends and thank you for all your support.






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