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Dear Friends, Neighbors, Community and Valued Customers;

We are reaching out to you as we all go through these difficult times fighting COVID-19.

We want to share with you and assure you that you can dine with us, or enjoy a stay in our game rooms knowing that every precaution has been taken to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment.

Dew Chilli Parlor's Of America has always taken measures to ensure the health and safety of anyone who enters one of our locations or orders from one of our store locations. This has been a practice of ours at all of our businesses and one that has earned us a strong reputation in the communities we serve. But COVID-19 is a different enemy to all of us so we have stepped up our efforts to ensure safety for all, and wanted to share with you just some of what we do each and every day.

First: Everyday and Every Shift throughout the day our entire staff has their temperature checked and logged.

Any person who has an elevated temperature is sent home and asked to see a Doctor before returning to work. Our staff has been great about this because they too want to ensure the safety of the customers they serve.

While it is not required we have taken the extra step to ensure safety by having our staff wear Face Masks and Gloves.

Again, our team members are committed to our community and are all in on doing what it takes to keep COVID-19 out of our store locations.

All of our Store locations have been redesigned to ensure Social Distancing Practices.

We can't seat as many, but that is okay.

You will also notice that we no longer have things like ketchup, or mustard bottles out on the tables as well as salt and pepper shakers. Instead we provide each customer with their own sealed packages of these items as needed.

Cleaning and Sanitizing never stops. Anytime a guest leaves, that area is completed cleaned and Sanitized. Also, before, during and after every shift all area's of the store location is cleaned and sanitized.

Food Preparation safety has been and continues to be strictly enforced. Mask and Gloves are worn and often changed out.

Staff in kitchen not only have their temperatures check before each shift, it is also checked randomly through their shifts.

Strict measures are also in place in each of the Dew Video Slot Rooms.

The Dew Goal is to Achieve a Safe Environment for Gaming Guests amid the COVID-19 Pandemic,

We will achieve our goal by the following initiatives we have put in place.

  1. 1. Guest Protocols and Procedures.

  2. 2. Personal Protective Equipment.

  3. 3. Guest Distancing/Separation

  4. 4. Cleaning and Sanitizing

Each of the Dew Video Gamming Rooms have been redesigned.

We still have six machines with the latest games, but the machines have been spread apart and separated with customer see through dividers.

Upon entering, guests wait at designated area for an attendant to check them in.

Hand sanitizer station will be at the entrance of each game room for the guests to use.

The State of Illinois has not implemented a mandatory face mask program, the Illinois Gaming Board has. The Board has ruled that anyone entering the game room, staff or player must have and wear a face mask. If this is violated an establishment will be fined and could lose it's license. State Agents have been making unannounced visits looking for violators. We ask that while we work hard to protect you , you help protect us by abiding by the Illinois Gaming Boards Rules on Face Masks.

Guests are encouraged to bring their own mask, but guests will be provided a disposable facemask if they did not. Guests may be asked to temporarily lower or remove face covering while attendant verifies customer's age.

All staff members will adhere to this IGB requirement.

As the Dew does in the restaurant section of the facility, Temperatures of staff are also taken regularly and logged. No staff member is allowed to enter the building if they are not feeling well.

Dew Chilli Parlor's Of America has taken even further steps to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.

Each room has six of the latest in Video Game Machines, however, they have been separated not only by distance but high tech see through dividers have been installed at each location.

This was a very costly expense but one we feel is well worth it if it ensures the safety of our guests.

Also, each Dew location provides disinfectant wipes to all employees. When Customers leave, full cleaning is done of each machine and surrounding equipment, tables, chairs, physical divider. Attendant will place a sign on the machine indicating that the machine and surrounding area has been disinfected and is available for play. No customer will be allowed to play at a machine that does not have a 'PLAY IT SAFE" SIGN.

Common areas such as bathrooms, entry ways and waiting areas are frequently cleaned.

There are no guarantees that any location, be it a Dew or a Grocery store, or Auto Parts store or Doctors Office or your home, will be able to keep COVID-19 out.

But we can offer you this Dew Pledge that we will do our best so you and so we can go on living a life not locked down and the lives we have cherished and plan to cherish for a long, long time to come.

We appreciate all of you, your support and understanding.






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