Today We Remember Who Fought For Our Freedom. Today We Also Remember Who Took Our Freedoms Away.

From a Son of a Wounded War Vet this is a special day. My father, Lebanese, found the Freedom and Life unlike places far away. Dad, was a proud American who fought for his county. Who fought to ensure the freedoms of the citizens of this Great County.

Today, I honor dad and the thousands of men and women who fought for our rights, for our freedoms. The very people who left loved ones behind to fight for this country. The very people who often came home to their loved ones like this. They paid the ultimate price for us. We Owe them. We thank them, their families and all who have served. .

I didn't sleep well last night. As I'm sure many of you didn't. I know you didn't, you were calling me. My last call early, early this morning was from a Bar Tender/Waitress. She needed to talk. The fear in her voice haunted me all night as I did my best to make her feel good. She watched Springfield City Council tell her she was no longer going to be able to