Will We Have an Illinois Without Restaurants and Bars?

Illinois, plain and simple is a mess right now. It has the worst credit rating, labeled the most Anti-business state to invest in, not a good place to retire and known as being the highest tax state in the country. Other than that things are just fine here in Illinois.


While America Struggles with COVID, Illinois is in a death spiral and COVID seems just to be the nail in the coffin for the Land Of Lincoln. Poor economic conditions, high unemployment rates compounded by a failed unemployment system not serving those in need. That in itself is forcing many to the streets joining the homeless population. Add a crumbling Infrastructure to the ever growing list of devastating issues facing Illinois and things are not looking good for the state.

So with all of that in mind, when you hear people talking about the "plight of restaurants and bars", you might think well that's a frivolous concern. We've seen on FaceBook and other social media outlets comments from many in Illinois. Why should we worry about the independent restaurant industry when we're worried about other things in our lives?

Well here is why. It's because independent restaurants feeds America, feeds Illinois. It's because independent restaurants employ more than 10 million people, many million in Illinois because the industry is one of the biggest industries in the State.