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Come Rain or Shine!

It's a team effort! And it's that approach which has kept the Dew going year after year since 1909!

Dew Chilli Parlor Of America Owner John Leskovisek answered the call from Hy-Vee personally.

A week ago Hy-Vee starting putting the Dew Chilli Family Size Cans and the Dew Seasoning Blend on their store shelves.

This is the back entrance to Hy-Vee in Bloomington, Illinois location.

A week later and the store calls saying the product is flying off the shelves and they are out and need more ASAP!

Here's Johnny to the make sure Hy-Vee Customers don't go without.

The Bloomington, Illinois Hy-Vee store is just one of several who have recently put the Dew Chilli Family Size Can and Seasoning Blend on the shelves.

Hy-Vee stores in Springfield, Canton, Bloomington and soon Peoria Illinois are stocking their shelves with a Legend.

Hy-Vee Corporate Headquarters met with John and wanted to add the products to their offerings for their customers.

The Dew Seasoning Blend has been known for its unique, rich taste that's fit for a king and loved by all. The secret, all-natural spices in this blend are the freshest and finest available int he world. The Seasoning Blend is a favorite of restaurants and chefs around the county and in many spice racks in home kitchens. Good on Poultry, Steaks, Burgers, Salads and Seafood and so much more.

The Dew Family Size Chilli Cans are also unique.

The All-Meat True Tavern Style Chilli comes in a 48oz (3lb) vacuumed sealed can. No refrigeration is needed until opened.

Each can serves up to 6 people by just heating it up. Add your favorite beans or other fixins and it serves up to 16.

Once Opened use what you need and freeze the rest to later prepare other dishes.

Dishes like stuffed peppers!

The Dew has been recognized as a Legend and Landmark.

This honor is only given to a very few.

We proudly display this badge as often as possible. It is a true honor.

Notice the way we spell Chilli? The second L stands for love. That's what the founder said each batch of Dew Chilli is made up. Decades later that stands true.

Be watching for some other Hy-Vee store locations to pick up the product. The Peoria, Illinois stores are the next in line this week.

Thank you Hy-Vee and thank you Illinois for your continued support.






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