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This Dish is favorite weekend night meal. It's easy to make and the flavors were meant to go together!

The Cornbread Waffles with Chilli is just one of many recipes you can make with the LARGE FAMILY SIZE CAN of DEW CHILLI.

The person who sent me this recipe said she got it while her and a few other teachers were making plans for a teacher appreciation meal. They wanted something different and this is what they came up with.

John and I tried and it, and WOW! did we love it!

You will need to pull out your old trusty Waffle Iron. Preheat it to a medium-high setting. If your Iron has a number setting, turn that dial to 4 ( certainly higher if you want a darker, crispier waffle.)

Now at this point you will want to open up your can of Dew Chilli. Remember these are Family Size cans. One typically feeds 8 people with just Chilli, with Beans up to 16. So if you are using it as a topping you will not need very much. But I slowly heat the can up and what I don't use I make another dish or freeze it for later use. The key is slowly heat the Chilli up. It's already cooked so make sure you stir it a lot and you don't act like you are actually cooking the Chilli. You're just warming it up.

In medium bowl, combine both packs of cornbread mix with eggs and milk. Stir well until it's all nicely mixed together.

Now, once the waffle iron is heated, spray with a nonstick spray. Some like the kind with flour in it, others like the buttery tasting one. It's up to you on what you like.

Then pour one cup of cornbread mix onto waffle iron. Repeat until you get the amount of waffles you want.

I like to double stack them.

Look at these babies, nice golden brown with a little crunch.

Now comes the fun part.

You can top your waffles with

Dew Chilli, lettuce and Sour Cream, Shredded Cheese and Diced Tomatoes.

Get a little creative.

Just add Dew Chilli with or without beans and top it with an Egg or two. I like Sunny Side up. YUMMY :)

Now if you want to really have some fun with the family or friends. Do this.

Make a Cornbread Waffle Bar. Just set out all the hot waffles along with all the fixins' in a bowl, and let your friends or family stack it up however they like.

It's that simple folks. See Dew Chilli Family Size Cans go a long way making dishes that WOWS the crowd.

If you have a recipe please share it with us by sending it to us at Also, go to our online store at to order your Dew Family Size Can. They can be shipped anywhere in the country. Or if you have a Dew Chilli Store near you, you can pick up a Dew Chilli Can or Two. Oh, keep checking back here at and go to the recipe blog for more cool dishes from the Dew.


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