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Enjoy Flavor And Shed Pounds. A Very Tasty Nutri System Recipe With A Satisfying Twist.

This is one of my favorites.

But before we get into the recipe a little background.

John and I started working on losing weight. I'm going to tell you more about that in future posts.

But being in the restaurant industry it's hard. We have to come up with different recipes all the time which means a lot of taste testing. That leads to weight gain. Anyway, we decided it was time to conquer our weight battle once and for all. We started with Nutri System. As we went down our weight loss path, we learned you can enhance the Nutri System Meals with a twist here and there and stay with the program. This is one of those recipes we enjoy weekly. John came up with it and it's Nutri System ok.

This is what you'll need for Johns smothered Chicken Enchilada Delicious Dish. This will be for two people.

  1. Two Frozen Nutrisystem Chicken Enchiladas.

  2. One Can of Hunts diced tomatoes. No seasoning.

  3. One Can of Whole Tomatoes. Again, no seasoning.

  4. One Can of Black Beans Rinsed.

  5. Four tablespoons of Dew Chilli Seasoning Blend, or to your liking.

  6. One Small Onion Diced. John uses a sweet onion, but you can use your favorite.

  7. One Quarter Cup of Shredded Low Fat Cheddar Cheese

  8. One Pepper, color of your choice.

First Pre-Heat your Oven to 375 Degrees.

Then in a casserole dish add your One can of diced Tomato's One can of your Whole Tomato's, One can of your rinsed Black Beans and then your 4-table spoons of your Dew Chilli Seasoning.

Mix that up well.

Now cut your Pepper and Half and place over the mixture on each end of the dish.

Then open up your 2 Nutri System Frozen Chicken Enchilada boxes.

Place each Frozen Enchilada on top of each pepper. By placing it on top of the pepper you will be able to find it easier once it's all cooks.

Now time to add your other toppings to this dish.

Sprinkle one half of your portion of Diced Onions and Cheese evenly over the top. Save the other half of your Diced Onions and Cheese for after bake.

Pop the lid on and put in your oven at 375 degrees for 40 minutes.


Remove from the oven and with a large spoon, find your peppers as a marker and then spoon each Enchilada out and put on each plate. Start with spooning each Enchilada so each plate gets all of the ingredients evenly and without it falling apart.

Finally, evenly sprinkle the left-over diced onions and cheese on top of each dish.

All that is left is to dig in and enjoy.

Be looking for more recipes in future blog posts at

Also, don't be shy send us your recipes. We would love to share your creations.

Until next time.

Note: Dew Chilli Spice Blend can be shipped anywhere around the country by going to the Dew online store here Shop | Dew Chilli | Chili Springfield, IL | Order our famous Chili online (

The Spice Blend is also available most Hy-Vee Grocery stores.






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