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How To Do The Dew.

Chilli may be in our name but there are so many ways to do the Dew.

The recipes we are about to share are easy to make, full of flavor and feeds a hungry gang. of it saving a bunch of dough! It's all about economics these days.

The recipes we are about to share are easy to make, full of flavor and feeds a hungry gang many times over!

This is what you'll need for the first recipe we are going to talk about.

You should be able to get three large meals using just one Quart of Dew Chilli, or if you want to get Chilli and do it later, you can do the same by getting The Dew Family Size Can of Chilli.

I know, I know what you are thinking, that's a lot of beans. It is but trust me, each adds a flavor that really is awesome.

One note, never cook your Chilli with beans together. You see beans act like a sponge and will absorb all of the flavor in way that will make your dish very bland.

So here is what you do. If you get a Cooked Quart from the Dew, Just slowly heat the chilli up. If you buy that Family size can, which is more than a quart, you will need to cook it a bit longer. Heat, or cook slowly in a large pot again by itself. Do not add beans yet. Once the Chilli is warmed up or cooked We go to the next step.

Slowly start adding the different beans. When you add the black beans, drain them before adding. All the other beans add the sauce in the pot. Just drain the black beans so you don't loose that nice red chilli color.

Stir constantly so you don't get scorching.

Once the beans warm up your done!

With a large Ladle serve it up in a cup for some really breath taking Chilli that doesn't taste like a lot of beans. Really.

You can serve a lot of folks with that, but say you served 4, you will have plenty of left overs.


Everyone talks about the so called Chili Mac. Well here is a history lesson. Did you know that the Chili Mac served by many restaurants was actually a Dew Recipe? The restaurants who made the name famous actually use to get their Chili from the Dew for their pasta and instead of calling it Dew Mac they called it Chili Mac.

The pasta dish is Mike's favorite toped with Tomato's and onions and Cheddar Cheese.

The Dew Calls this dish DewWays. Because you can make it your way. On potato's, Mac N Cheese, which is very popular, or the traditional way on a bed of pasta.

The pasta dish is Mike's favorite toped with Tomatos and onions and Cheddar Cheese.

Keep in mind, that original pot of Chilli you made now made another meal for four. So now you have 8 dishes out of this one pot of Dew Chilli.



This is soooooooo good.

What I suggest is you use a Red, Orange or Yellow Pepper. They tend to give a smoother, sweeter taste. Or use a mixture of all them to make your table look a little more fun.

Place your peppers in a large dish that you can cover while baking.

Now, I add one more ingredient. In the bottom of each pepper before I put them in the oven to bake. I add some Diced Tomatoes and Sweet Onion.

Then you fill your peppers with the Dew Chilli and bake at 350-degrees for about a hour.

Place in a bowl then top it off with a cheese mixture.

You can easily make six peppers with the original pot of Dew Chilli you made. Now that gives you 14 dishes from one pot of Chilli that started with a Dew Quart or The Dew Family Size Can of Chilli. Which by the way you can buy at any Dew Location or at

You know what, even making all of that you will most likely will have a some left over to do with what you want.

Freeze it and use it for later.

These are just a few dishes you can make from a small amount of Dew Chilli.

Each dish has a totally different flavor.

If you have a recipe you come up with please share with us. Send it to


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