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Hy-Vee Teams up With Dew Chilli Of America.

This is Hy-Vee on MacArthur Blvd. in Springfield, Illinois. It's here that marks the beginning of some big things to come.

Hy-Vee Corporate Headquarters met with one of the owners of Dew Chilli Parlor's of America. The meeting between Hy-Vee and John Leskovisek resulted in a partnership we are thankful for, and proud to say we are a part of. We hope you are proud of a local small business making it's mark as well.

Hy-Vee has given the green light to carry Dew Spices and the Dew Chilli Family Size Can. 15 Hy-Vee stores will be the first to get the legendary Dew Chilli to put on the store shelves for Hy-Vee customers to enjoy. Just in time for the Grilling season.

The Dew Chilli Seasoning Blend has been known for its unique, rich taste that's fit for a king and loved by all. The secret, all-natural spices in this blend are the freshest and finest available in the world. This blend is used by restaurants and chefs around the country, or just at home. Good on Poultry, Streaks, Burgers, Salads and so much more. Great on Seafood!

Did you say seafood? Yes we need did?

That is why Hy-Vee has placed the season blend in several places throughout their store on MacArthur Blvd.

So they made sure the Dew Seasoning Blend had a home right here in the Seafood Section of the store.

The Seafood section is in the back of Hy-Vee along the East Wall of the store.

But, it is also located in other parts of the store as well.

The Dew Chilli Seasoning Blend is also in the seasoning section of the grocery store along side many other spices.

Not only is the Dew Chilli Seasoning Blend on Hy-Vee shelves, the Dew Chilli Family Size Cans are available to Hy-Vee customers.

These Family Size Dew Chilli Cans are very unique.

Dew Chilli is in a 48oz (3lb) vacummed sealed can. No refrigeration is needed until opened. The true Tavern Style Chillis is all meat, flavoried with our Secret Spices. Each can serves up to 6 people by just heating it up. Add your favorite beans and it serves up to 16.

Once opened use what you need and freeze the rest to later perpare other dishes like Stuffed Peppers.

Dew Chilli also makes a mean Casserole, Smothered Potatoes and is fantastic on hot dogs and pasta.

If you don't have a Hy-Vee Grocery store in your community no worries. You can get the Dew Chilli Spices and Family Size can through the Dew Chilli on line store. Just go to and hit the shop tab at the top. We will process your order and ship it across the country.

Dew Chilli has had a rich history through the decades.

Established in 1909 it survived through the years and has been recognized by many publications and organizations.

Life Magazine featured this picture in it's publication many years ago.

This is at one of the original Dew locations in Springfield, Illinois.

The Daily Meal is also a national on-line publication which Named Dew Chilli as one of America's Best Chili's.

This is part of that story which recently appeared.


There is more.

In Illinois the Visitors Bureau has named Dew Chilli as a legend and landmark along the famed Route 66.

This badge is given only to a very few to be used to show the special recognition.

We are so thankful. We are thankful to you, our customers who has made this all possible. Because of your support of a local small business we have a shot at making our mark in this big world.

Our promise to you is we will work hard to make you proud.

Thank you Illinois!

Also, thank you to all the stores that carry the Dew product.

A special thank you to Hy-Vee for the opportunity.





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