Together we can.

Yes we can, and with you we are. This week the Dew Good Team made another round of deliveries feeding Springfield, Illinois area Seniors in need.

It's called Dew Good Food For Seniors. Every Tuesday for lunch our Dew Good Team prepare nutritious meals and deliver them to Springfield area Seniors, at no charge to any Senior needing a hot meal.

The Dew Good Food For Seniors started after a local agency contacted us informing us they were having a difficult time keeping up with the demand. Well, with our stores being on limited operations, we had the resources, the people wanting to work and the desire to help, so we launched the Dew Good Food For Seniors program.

The Dew Funds a big portion on the program but it has grown. Hundreds of meals are now being prepared and delivered each week to our Seniors. So we have set up a go fund me page We have been fortunate to receive many donations from residents from Springfield, Illinois and surrounding areas. Again, as the demand increases the fund decrease so we are asking for more help from you. If you can please click here and contribute what you can.