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Pasta, Mushroom, Chicken and Homemade Pasta Sauce Recipe.

Who doesn't love Pasta?

Pasta is one of the world's most accessible foods. While Pasta is often associated with Italy, it's found in every Country making it hard to truly trace the history of Pasta.

What we do know is Pasta done right is awesome and this is why Mike and John are sharing this Pasta Dish from their Kitchen.

So, let's step into

to make an incredible Pasta Dish.

Here is what you'll need.

  1. Mike and John use a healthy version of Pasta. It's Fiber Gourmet which is 48% less Calories. It's a plant-based Pasta you would never be able to tell the difference between that and pasta as we typically know it. For this dish we are using the Light Penne Noodle.

  2. One Chicken Breast.

  3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  4. Butter

  5. One half white onion.

  6. Fresh whole mushrooms

  7. Fresh Spinach.

  8. Fresh Parsley

  9. Fresh Parmesan Cheese

  10. Coarse Sea Salt

  11. Fresh Black Pepper.

  12. Fresh Garlic Cloves

  13. Fresh large tomato.

  14. Tomato paste. I did use hunts. Small can.

  15. Tomato Sauce small can.

  16. Chicken Broth.

First prep all of your items.

  1. Take your Chicken Breast. Completely wash it Pat Dry and then cut the breast down the middle three times to make three smaller breast strips. Then cut the breasts into cubs by cutting the strips starting at the ends until all cubed up. Place in a bowl. Season with a little Oil Salt, Black Pepper, Parm Cheese

  2. Then take one white onion. Cut in half and dice one half into small pieces.

  3. Then wash your mushrooms, then slice them with the stem on into several halves.

  4. Wash your spinach and place to the side.

  5. Take your fresh parsley, with stems and dice it up.

  6. Grate your parmesan Cheese and set aside.

  • Now in a frying pan heat up some Oil, and two tablespoons of butter. Once the pan is hot put in your onions and sauté. Constantly stir until they start to turn color. Then add in your Garlic, in this dish we used three cloves. You can use more or less, but we love Garlic. Salt and pepper everything.

  • NOTE: At this point you want to get your water boiling for your pasta and start cooking your pasta for ten minutes.

  • Now add in your Chicken and sauté it all together. Once the chicken starts to turn color add in your mushrooms and continue to stir. At this point we re-seasoned with a little Salt, Pepper, Parm Cheese and a little parsley.

  • Once chicken has turned colors add in your mushrooms and continue to stir.

  • Time to Cut your large tomato into large pieces, you can even use two tomatoes' if you like. Place in frying pan and Continue to stir.

  • Then put in your tomato paste and add a little water and a little chicken broth.

Stir well until the sauce and everything heats up well. By this time your Pasta should be cooked not all the way, but AL Dente. Strain the pasta. In the strainer add some parm cheese and toss the pasta around. Now place the pasta in the frying pan with the rest of the ingredients. Stir in well.

While that is cooking, keep stirring, and get your serving plates ready to plate the food. On the Plate put a layer of your spinach, Salt, Pepper Parm Cheese and a Slice of Butter cut into several slices and placed around the plate. This is all on the plate before the dish is plated.

Now take your parsley and Parm cheese and add to the frying pan and stir well.

time to plate it all up.

On your plates prepped with your spinach and seasoning add the ingredients from the frying pan on top of the spinach. Season with more Parm and Parsley and enjoy.

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