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The Aftermath. The Future.

Dew Chilli Pub and Grill located at 2690 Dirksen Parkway in Springfield was in the path of what is being labeled a Derecho.

We have never heard of something called a Derecho, but what we see, not only here, but throughout the city of Springfield, it's clear that it is destructive and dangerous.

Today, this Dew location remains closed, and it is unclear when or if it will reopen as of right now. As we dig deeper into the damage we are finding more about the extent. Much of the equipment inside this location sustained damage, we assume through power surges as the power polls fell sending flames, bolts and surges all around the location. It's just too early to tell.

What we are all thankful for is that the staff and customers inside the store during the storm were not injured. We are so thankful for that.

It has been possible to remove the cars from the location that were damaged by the falling power polls and lines.

Even still, while the business is suffering a major loss, the most important thing was that people here were all ok.

Something else has happened.

As we heard from our Mayor, this storm was more devastating than the Tornado years ago which heavily damaged the West side of the city and the Ice storm which also crippled the city years before that.

Despite the enormity of this latest storm, we have seen a community pull together. Leadership in work as we all strive to get back up on our feet.

We thank our city leaders, our emergency crews, our police and fire, and all involved working endless hours to get life back to normal in the Capital City of Illinois.

We also send out our prayers to these individuals to remain safe as they continue with the recovery efforts, and we send prayers to our fellow citizens.

Together Springfield, Illinois will overcome this.


Thank you for allowing us to share. Come by and see us at our North Grand location and we will keep you posted on the Dirksen location.

Mike and John and the staff and management of Dew Chilli Parlor's of America.






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