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  • More Grocery Stores Stocking Up on The Legendary Dew Chilli Brick in a Can

    GIRARD, ILLINOIS SHERMAN, ILLINOIS CHATHAM, ILLINOIS SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS Carpenter Street & Monroe Street Springfield, Locations In 1909 what started out as one Springfield, Illinois mans dream has become a legend in Central, Illinois and around the country. Dew Chilli has hit store shelves in a Big Way! In Illinois grocery stores have been stocking up. The Dew has been flying off the store shelves. The recent Grocery Stores in Illinois to add the Brick in a Can Family Size Cans is County Market's in Chatham Sherman and Girard, Illinois. County Market is committed to offering local, legendary and high quality products such as Dew Chilli. The Family Size Brick in a Can Dew Chilli Serves 6 people just by opening it up and heating it up. Add your favorite beans and it easily serves 16. Check out for several recipe ideas and other Dew Chilli dishes, like stuffed peppers and casseroles. We have also got to thank another wonderful Grocery Store Chain for supporting a local Small Springfield, Illinois Business. HyVee put the Dew Chilli Brick in a can on it's shelves. Two days after receiving it's first order they ran out. Yes the Dew is proving to be a huge hit in Grocery stores. Thank you HyVee for your commitment to a Springfield, Illinois Company. You can order the Dew Brick in a Can at any of the above mentioned stores, or at any Dew Store location. The Dew can also be shipped anywhere in the country, great gift ideas, by going to our on-line store at Please support these grocery stores who are supporting our community.

  • Dew Loaded Potato Wedges

    Snack or Apetizer this dish will certainly hit the spot. It's easy and oh, oh soooooo good! So here is how to make this combination of sweet and russet potatoes topped with Dew Chilli. I like to use the two different potatoes Sweet and Russet. Wash them well and pat dry. Cut the potatoes into wedges, leaving the Skin on, and place them in a large bowl. Drizzle with olive oil, I like to use extra virgin Olive Oil, and then sprinkle with kosher salt and toss to coat. Place the wedges on a baking sheet and roast at 400-degree for 15-20 minutes, turning them once or twice until the potatoes are golden. Crack open the Dew Brick in a Can Chilli. If you are going to eat the dish right away, you'll want to slowly warm up some of the Chilli, If you are having the dish later you can heat later, But take a generous serving of Dew Chilli and cover your potatoes as you desire. Some like a hint of Chilli, others, like me, like a lot. Chilli not used place bowl that can be sealed, or zip lock and seal and freeze to use later. If you're not having the dish right away you can refrigerate until ready to serve. It's a great dish to cook ahead of time. When ready to serve it up, just microwave on high for 2 minutes or until the potatoes and chilli are warmed through. Garnish with feta cheese, sliced cherry tomatoes and cilantro. You can also add other cheeses if you are like me and love cheese. It's that simple and oh so good. ENJOY :)


    Wow! Great News to share with you! Hy-Vee will be putting the Dew Family Size Cans on their store shelves. Hy-Vee is located on MacArthur Boulevard between Cherry Road and Outer Park Drive in Springfield, Illinois The Dew Family Size Cans will be on the Shelves here in Ilse three! The Family Size Cans have become very popular all over the country, and we are so grateful that Hy-Vee is showcasing this local product, that was founded here in Springfield, Illinois, over 111 years ago. The Dew Family Size Cans are also manufactured here in Illinois, keeping jobs and revenue in our communities. These Family Size Cans serve 6 people by just opening one up, heating it up and serving it up. You can feed 16 if you add your favorite beans to the pot of Chilli. But people are getting creative with the Family Size Cans, which is really a Brick In A Can. Many are cracking open a can making dishes like. Stuffed Peppers Pasta and Chilli Chilli Burgers Casseroles And so much more. You can get more recipe suggestions at our recipe blog at Also, Dew Chilli can be shipped anywhere in the country to enjoy at our retail store at Let you friends know that Hy-Vee is supporting this local legendary company and product and let's all support Hy-Vee. So head to isle three at Hy-Vee today! Thank you Hy-Vee.

  • Dew Chilli Cheese Dog Casserole

    Looking for some weekend fun with you and yours that's full of flavor and yes very satisfying? Well this Dew Chilli Recipe might just be the answer. The best part about this recipe is that it's ridiculously easy! So let's get everything you'll need to get Cooking. INGREDIENTS: 1 (8-OZ.) Can Refrigerated Crescent Dough. 8 Hot Dogs. 1 C. Shredded Cheddar 1 Family Size Dew Chilli Can 2-1/2 tbsp. butter, melted. 1 tsp. Finely Chopped Chives 1/2 tsp. garlic powder. DIRECTIONS: 1. Preheat oven to 375 Degrees. Roll out crescent dough and pinch the perforations together to seal. Cut into 8 even squares, Sprinkle cheddar on each square and roll around hot dogs. 2. Spread Dew Chilli in an even layer on the bottom of 9"x13" baking dish. Place hot dogs in a row side by side on top of Chilli. Remember the second "L" in Dew Chilli stand for love. :) 3. In a small bowl combine melted butter and onion powder and chives. Brush over hot dogs and place in oven to bake for 30 minutes, covering with foil if the crescent dough begins to get too dark. 4. Top with more chives and serve. Yes, it's that easy. Told it would be. Dew Family Size Cans can be bought on here at and our on-line store. The cans can be shipped anywhere in the country. For residents of Springfield, Illinois. You can pick up your Dew Family Size Cans at the County Market located on Carpenter Street and the the County Market on Monroe Street. You can also pick up at any Dew Store Location. Thank you for your support and enjoy.

  • Brick In A Can

    When someone says Chili Brick. This is most likely what comes to mind. A frozen product with a short shelf life that can't be transported and typically shouldn't be reheated. But at Dew Chilli Parlor's Of America Chilli Bricks are a lot different. Fresh, Full of Flavor, Long Shelf lives, can be shipped and enjoyed. Why? Here is why. Dew Chilli once served frozen Chili Bricks, but often heard it didn't taste the same, didn't keep well or too hard to use. So our Research and Development team went to work. There mission. Take the same Dew Chilli without altering the secrete recipe that's been around for over 111 years and put it in a can. They succeeded! Let us introduce you to the Dew Chilli Brick in a Can. The Chili is cooked to perfection, put in a Family Size Can and Vacuumed sealed. It's never Frozen! the sealing process does not require refrigeration, you can keep in on your shelf for up to two years, or until you're ready to dig in. These Family Size Cans can be opened heated and eaten as is. That will serve 7 people. Add Beans you increase your servings to 16. There are many other recipes to make with Dew Chilli, like Taco's, Pizza, Pasta, Hot Dogs, Chili Burgers, Casseroles, Stuff Peppers and so much more. See some of those recipes at our recipe blog at . The Dew Chilli Family Size Cans can be bought at any Dew Store location or by going to our on-line store at But we are very grateful and excited that the Dew Family Size Cans are on the store shelves of County Market located on Carpenter Street and the Monroe Street County Market location in Springfield, Illinois. Thank you County Market for supporting local business and their products. The Dew Family Size Can can also be shipped anywhere in the country. Many shipments have been going to Florida, New York, Ohio and California. Again, go to and go to the online store to order your cans and they will be shipped right away. While the old bricks start off frozen, Dew Chilli Brick in a can does not. So that means you can open the can use what you want and freeze the rest and portion it out to use for many future meals. It really is amazing! Dew Chilli has come a long way since when it was founded in 1909. Thank you Springfield, Illinois. We hope we are making your proud.

  • Big Fun? You Bet!

    These days in there are many choices. Where to eat and where to play. The Dew commitment is to provide you with an exceptional experience with the highest quality product. Our Food is the result of our secrete recipes with high quality product. Our game rooms are private and feature the latest unique games. Not only our the Dew Games rooms unique but we take pride in making sure you are safe. We have redesigned them during these days of COVID-19. Machines have been spaced out and divided. SAY WHAT! DIVIDED! Machines are Cleaned before and after every use. Plus they are divided with clear walls keeping that experience you expect in a video slot room. Dew Committed to you. To Our Community. Thank you Springfield, Illinois for over 111 years of support.

  • Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover.

    Let us be clear. Over 111 years Dew Chilli has served up the finest high end Chilli Around. Year after year you, our valued customers, have voted Dew Chilli as the Best Chilli. What an honor. Thank you. This post isn't about that, but while we are on the topic. Nominate us for Best Chili! We need YOUR help! Help us get nominated for 𝑰𝒍𝒍𝒊𝒏𝒐𝒊𝒔 𝑻𝒊𝒎𝒆𝒔 𝑩𝒆𝒔𝒕 𝒐𝒇 𝑺𝒑𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒇𝒊𝒆𝒍𝒅 2020 -- 𝑩𝒆𝒔𝒕 𝑪𝒉𝒊𝒍𝒊! Just visit the link below, click on "Food & Drink," scroll to find "ChilI," then click "Nominate" for Dew Chilli! It's that easy! We appreciate and value the support you have given Dew! Nominating ends on August 24th. Nominate here: So let's get to the point. Not too long ago two local guys bought the Dew from another local guy. Mike and John took the Chilli Parlor Concept and expanded it to what it is today. What is that you ask? It's about what has become the DEW SIGNATUR SMOOTHERED SANCHOS. Take a look. Oh yes. IT'S ABOUT OUR DELICIOUS CONEY'S IT'S ABOUT OUR FOOTLONG CHICAGO DOG. ABOUT THE DEW CORN DOG! IT'S ABOUT SO MUCH MORE ONLY AT THE DEW. YOU WANT A POT OF GOLD? YOU CAN DEW IT INSIDE THE GAME GOOM ROOMS. Then there are the Dew Family Size Cans being enjoyed all over the country. You can Grab yours at any of the Dew Store locations and now from the Shelves at County Market on Carpenter Street and Monroe Street. So when you here or see Dew Chilli, remember it's the worlds best chilli and oh so much. Check us out won't you.

  • Out of Sight. Out of Mind.

    The fact is that many Seniors are tucked away in their latter years. Many times forgotten, left alone. Want to know what it feels like? Well, Just take the current COVID-19 lockdown and the affects it has on your life no matter your age. It's been hard, anxiety sets in, fear takes control and the hope someone will just notice, notice you are still here. You are getting a little taste of what many Springfield area Seniors experience every day. Making life worse for our Seniors is when something like COVID-19 happens. Seniors tend to suffer even more. Look at the Senior Death Rate, especially in nursing homes around the country. It's a crisis in itself. Many seniors are limited in what they can do, l The money raised goes to buy and prepare Nutritious meals for Springfield area Seniors. These Seniors either than can't get out, are too scared to get out, or have no one to help them. Our Seniors pay nothing. The cost of the food, delivery and employees are paid by the Dew and the gofundme page through your donations. The Dew Good Program, Food for Seniors, was designed and launched to help as many Seniors in Springfield, Illinois and surrounding communities as possible. We at the Dew were not sure how to do it. As you know the restaurant industry has been devastated by COVID-19. However, we had to come up with something to help our Seniors in our community so we turned to you. The Dew set up a gofundme page ( The money raised goes to buy and prepare Nutricious meals for Springfield area Seniors. These Seniors either can't get out, are too scared to get out, or have no one to help them. Our Seniors pay nothing. The cost of the food, delivery and employees are paid by the Dew and the gofundme page through your donations. Each week we are finding the demand gets greater. We have added 8 delivery drivers to deliver meals every Tuesday at lunch time to Springfield area Seniors. We had to also add cooks. Please know, the Dew makes no profit off this program what-so-ever. Today we prepared a really nice pasta dinner for Springfield area Seniors. They were bagged up, and delivered by our Dew Good Team. But funds are running low and we are turning to you, our community, to help us keep the Dew Good Food For Seniors Program alive and serving Springfield area Seniors in need until this crisis is over. We know money is tight for many people. But If you can please make whatever donation you can by clicking here You Really can. Together we can. If you are a senior who would like us to make a delivery to you. Please call Brad Issacs at the Dew. 217-679-1910. Brad is the District Manager and is over seeing this program. Or you can email us at When contacting us please let us know if you are calling for yourself or someone else. Please leave a phone number. Brad will reach back out to you for all the details and we will get that hot meal out to your door on Tuesdays. This program will continue as long as there are funds to cover it. We are a small company struggling ourselves just trying to do our part. Help our Seniors. This is why we need your help to ensure this program stays vibrate. Too many Seniors are counting on it. We've seen it first hand. We can't let them just be out of sight and our of our minds. Thank you. Mike and John and the Dew Good Team.


    It wasn't too long ago, children where going to school, restaurants and bars were serving up some of the finest dishes, local bands thrilling crowds, retail shops were showing off their goods and the cheers from stadiums hosting sporting events echoed through the air. That was just a few weeks ago. Then COVID-19 hit. Bringing life to a stop, changing they way we go about our daily routines. Life as we knew it STOPPED! The hardest hit industry is the restaurant and bar industry. One of the highest employment industries which worked on very small margins came to a grinding halt. No warning, it all just stopped. Bartenders, Waiters and Waitresses, Cooks, Managers and Owners, our Neighbors our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers suddenly found themselves empty handed and scared. While John and I are in the industry we are talking about, ours is not alone. John and I were sitting in one of our empty dinning rooms the other night. Dew Pub and Grill on North Grand. We were thinking about how just a few weeks ago that room was filled with people laughing, enjoying themselves and listening to one of the many local, and very talented bands that played at the Dew on Friday Nights. We haven't heard from that band in a while, but worry about them as we worry about the staff on our payroll. You see that night we realized just how many people are impacted by just one restaurant, or bar that closes down. Temporally or Permanently. That impact is tremendous. But, Many won't make it, very few will. We reached out to some of our friends in the entertainment field. It's generally been a bummer one band leader told us. Most of the band members are full-time professional musicians who depend on income from gigging. That's booking a night to perform. But they told us that while their livelihoods have "come to a screaming halt," what hurts most for them is not being there for people during an extremely difficult time. "We don't play music for the money," he told us, "We do it because we love bringing people together and connecting with the audience, and we yearn to do that again sometime soon." John and I know that to be true. Our local artists know they won't become rich by what they do but they are enriched by the people they touch. We saw it with every band we booked at the Dew. These are remarkable people. Again, while we worry for our future, the future of our immediate staff, we now see there is so much more to worry about. Every business touches so many lives directly and indirectly even if they are not often heard of. Their existence has a great impact on our community and the lives of those who live in our community. Many of these businesses will be lost. We are hearing from several local owners who are now not looking forward to reopening. They can't. Their only option is to pack up what they have and close for good. This past week they have been in their businesses pulling equipment for good and letting their staff know they will not be coming back. You will soon be hearing about these folks. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and those who depended on them remaining open. With that in mind, and our hope in writing this, is to ask you, our family, friends, neighbors, our community to support each other. Be kind to each other, Contribute the best you can to help get all of us through this crisis. And if you would offer up a Prayer that we will soon overcome and defeat this Virus that will help. Knowing no one is alone will save many people even if they lose their businesses, their livelyhood. Until then we stand with you. We will fight the best we can and We look forward to the day our children can return to school, our restaurants and bars serve up their finest, our music from our local artists fill the air, cash registers at our retail stores ring often and the sounds of our stadiums once again are full of life. Thank you. Stay Safe. Can't wait to be together again. Mike and John

  • March 13 - Jack & Morgan

    Jack and Morgan. An incredible music duo. Jack and Morgan will be appearing live at the Dew Pub and Grill 301 North Grand Avenue West Springfield, Illinois on March 13. Show starts at 7p. Bar and Food Specials. No cover charge.

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